Indian Jhalak offers services to enable a successful opening of businesses in India.

Operational marketing:

We provide operational marketing in cooperation with qualified partners and our office in New Delhi.

Support of firm foundations and opening of businesses

  • Choice of location
  • Support of firm foundations
  • Marketing and sales control
  • Direct marketing and one-to-one marketing
  • Setting up contract standards
  • Supervision of the obeisance of contract clauses
  • Market investigation on suitable distribution channels
  • Determination of pricing structures
  • On-site support at business meetings and negotiations
  • Collecting customer-tailored databases for the purchasing, export and business development departments, in order to support their market-entrance strategies at its best

Export -Services:

  • Export representation and business preparation for Austrian products
  • Mediation of business partners
  • Improvement of existing contacts
  • Creation of basic conditions for the market entrance to India – tailored to customer demands
  • Cost controlling and reduction
  • Setting dates for projects and etc.


We import all kinds of goods – also in small quantities, according to the customer’s request